Providing high visibility LED displays, StarShow is a pack house operational tool used to manage and display text and data in a way visible to all staff working in a given environment.

By interfacing with a central database, StarShow allows the Operator to set up multiple display templates and send data to multiple clusters of high-visibility LED displays. In a pack house environment, StarShow uses data extracted from third party software packages combined with Istari collated data. This information is then sent to a network of large LED displays that show data such as production information and packing run information.

Operating in real time, StarShow display modules ensure current information is visible to all packers. By displaying a chosen KPI or current product information, this function reduces pack error rates and removes further potential for human error by automating the information system. At the same time, StarShow is sufficiently general purpose to handle manual messaging.


  • Real time message displays.
  • Reduces pack error rates.
  • Automates your messaging system.