Istari's StarPrint software is a very configurable label printing tool. Supporting multiple printers, the main focus of StarPrint is to access previously created custom label templates, providing prompts for the user to enter data prior to the printing of one or more labels.

For each included label template the software provides customized data entry forms that allow the operator to populate the variable fields of a label. Data values such as numbers, names and dates can be entered directly, chosen from pick-lists or extracted from various data file formats. The software supports linked fields where, for example, a product can be chosen from a pick-list and other relevant variable fields (such as description, barcode etc) will be filled with the corresponding values for that product.

User access levels control functionality, adding a layer of security to the system.

StarPrint is not a label design tool - it offers Istari customers a very cost effective label printing tool and is provided with a number of standard label templates. Istari can prepare custom label templates at very reasonable rates.


  • General purpose functionality allows StarPrint to work with multiple label printer types.
  • Simplifies selection of print variable data to reduce entry error and speed the process up.
  • Supports interface to simple flat files [CSV] as well as multiple database formats.