StarJet is a multi printer message management system that is aimed at industrial inkjet printers. Similar to StarPrint, the software provides an in-line process solution operating in real time and supports multiple printer brands including - but not limited to - Videojet, Lynx and Domino printers.

StarJet allows the operator to choose a message from an existing data base and select the device on which that message is to be printed. For each stored message the software provides a customized data entry form that allows the operator to populate the variable fields contained in the message. Data values such as numbers, names and dates can be entered directly, chosen from pick-lists or extracted from various data file formats. The software supports linked fields where, for example, a product can be chosen from a pick-list and other relevant variable fields (such as description, barcode etc) will be filled with the corresponding values for that product.

Future functionality will include a facility for production reporting achieved through recording every print event. This facility will use the print acknowledgement to count items printed, thus creating a cross check on the production records and enhancing management processes.

From a customer's perspective, the primary benefits of StarJet are that the solution:

  • Increases the number of messages that can be accessed [by accessing data held in a central place, the number of messages that can be accessed is far in excess of that which would normally be stored in each printer].
  • Can be managed centrally in a PC.
  • Reduces the risk of operator error when trying to manipulate the message in the printer. A reduced error rate leads to less downtime and less waste.


  • Provides centralized management of inkjet messaging.
  • Reduces potential operator error.
  • Automation provides additional performance measures that can be checked against defined thresholds.