Operating as an integral part of Istari's Sort Table Counting solution, StarGraph is essentially a graphical display and analysis programme and important management tool. StarGraph can also be configured to operate as a stand alone system to calculate reject rates from a comparison of incoming and outgoing fruit weights.

In a horticultural environment, the essential task of StarGraph is to show the distribution of rejects from individual sort tables. With multiple graphing options, the system calculates reject rates to enable Operators to see changes in rates throughout the pack house. Operating in real time, this enables the Operator to react to reject rate anomalies quickly to ensure even sorting across all active sort tables.

StarGraph has multiple graphing options and comparison of staff performance on different sort tables is a key feature which has a direct impact on pack house through put and economics. The StarGraph software can be used to show a dynamic comparison of sorting staff performance as well as a breakdown of different class/reject categories with greater accuracy than the sizer software can provide on its own.

StarGraph enables the operator to set thresholds related to the expected reject rate for a given line of produce. This in turns provides an important management tool by allowing measurement of grading accuracy.

Istari's Sort Table Counting System [StarSort] is a solution that works hand in hand in the post harvest sector with StarGraph.

Sensors installed on each side of each sort table interface back to electronic counter boards that count all reject fruit.

StarSort information is used to compare the performance of sorters on each table and is fed into StarGraph to create automated reject rate calculations.


  • Provides real time, dynamic information about reject rates.
  • Identifies trends to alert management to changes in sorter performance.
  • Interfaces with Compac sizer software.
  • KPIs can be fed into StarShow's high visibility LED displays.