A multi purpose application, Istari's Star600 quality information system is used to automate the task of drawing and monitoring the Cusum in New Zealand kiwifruit pack house operations.

As a monitoring and assessment tool, Star600 is invaluable in empowering Quality Control Managers with the knowledge of how quality control staff are performing in relation to one another, highlighting areas where a particular staff member may require further training. Star600 is also used as a product quality tool to monitor and report in real time on the types of defects that are occurring in a run of product giving the opportunity to make adjustments for future runs.

The features and benefits of Star600 include:

  • Equips user with vital information for analysing staff performance.
  • Automates the drawing of Cusum charts, eliminating drawing errors.
  • Meets Zespri Auditor requirements.
  • Simplicity of use requires no previous computer experience.
  • Provides quantitative defect analysis that can feed into supplier orchard management practices to enhance quality production.
  • Minimises potential for costly repacking.
  • Allows user to tailor training and team placement for greatest efficiencies.
  • Enhances ability of sorting staff to achieve a common standard, alleviating pressure further down the system.
  • Lowers production costs and enhances competitiveness.
  • Guarantees high quality production.
  • Data immediately available for reporting.
  • Removes reliance on slower paper based systems.