Istari's StarPost software consists of two integrated parts - a printer based program and a PC based program - that work together to provide on demand label printing for a mail sorting centre in Australia. The solution is an automated barcode scan system that takes advantage of the smart printing capability of Intermec's PF2i printers. By interfacing to barcode mail sorting equipment to detect changes in sorting plans, StarPost alerts the Operator to the existence of a changed plan, allowing the Operator to choose when to start printing labels.

Previously one printer was used in batch-type mode to create a set number of tray tags whenever a certain barcode sort-plan was implemented. StarPost is based on multiple PF2i printers wirelessly networked to specialised Istari software, with each printer having a dedicated bar code scanner. When a label is needed for a new tray the Operator simply scans the appropriate barcode, the printer sends the request to the Istari software, which transfers the appropriate data for that label. Only print variable data is transferred as all format and template information is stored in the printer. This makes the system extremely efficient as it operates at a much faster rate due to the lower volume of information being sent.

The Istari StarPost on-demand label printing solution has successfully:

  • Reduced wastage - by removing the need to batch mode print up to 3500 labels for each barcode sort-plan, the system has eliminated label wastage.
  • Created a system that will generate additional savings in network recovery costs for mis-sorts that have been quantified to be up to 10 times greater than the label wastage savings.
  • Simplified processing - the system simplifies the barcode sort-plan process.
  • Enhanced control over label templates.
  • Created increased service performance levels.
  • Supplied additional benefits - in addition to eliminating the need for a centralised PC the Istari system operates additional hardware, accesses information from the network and adapts easily to accommodate to changes with the application of additional functionality.


  • Reduces label wastage.
  • Significantly improved changeover times for sorting plans.
  • Integrated production reporting and analysis.
  • Specifically designed for touch-screen use.