PowerForms Cloud


Discover the most effective way to deploy controlled label printing across the enterprise and supply chain.

NiceLabel PowerForms Cloud is a cloud-hosted Rich Internet Application (RIA) that delivers control of labeling while reducing the costs of maintenance and roll-outby up to 80%.

Cloud applications are more scalable, secure, and reliable than traditional IT.

You get started faster, don't need to manage the infrastructure, and don't need a technical team to keep it running.

Customize without programming

Develop printing client solutions with non-programming tools. The process is as simple as graphically designing the label, arranging the printing form elements on the screen, and publishing the solution with a few mouse clicks.

Change management with user roles

Limit the access of users and protect your labeling system from changes with a group role system. Define users who develop labels, and users who are only allowed to print them.

Control access to data

Connect the printing application to a database to ensure data integrity. Make data records visible to all clients, or limit access to individual users. You can also allow clients to update the data from within the application.

Scalability is integral to the design

Add and remove a single user or your complete supplier list in no time. The system architecture design is robust enough to support a high number of simultaneous users without compromising printing performance.

Advanced database connectivity

Connect to your internal database or use a cloud database. In both cases, the connection between the database and the application is encrypted and secure.

Keep printing without the internet

NiceLabel PowerForms Cloud includes an offline backup mode. The solution updates label designs, data, and entry forms from the Web every time it?s run. The offline system also stores print logs and sends them to the Web server once the connection is restored.

Perfect barcode readability

NiceLabel Web applications support the use of the printer's internal barcode encoding system. Avoid the potential problems of image design and transfer, and improve bar code quality and readability.

Works with any printer

NiceLabel PowerForms Cloud processes the print job using the driver installed at the client. That means you don't need to worry which printer the client will use. Every print request is optimized for the selected printer using his own settings.


Achieve 100% label compliance

Deploy a centrally managed system on the Web to ensure every client prints the right label.

Minimal deployment time

Reduce the deployment process to an email with a link, username and password.

No infrastructure investment

NiceLabel PowerForms Cloud is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, so you don't have to worry about the server, installation, security, and other issues.

Take full control

You define the label template. You define who can print it. You know what and when they printed.

Minimal client requirements

It's easier for clients to comply than to resist. All they need is a Web browser and a printer.

Easy maintenance

You can change the label template, the application interface, and the user base in a moment.

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