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Vehicle Mount Mobile Computers Benefit Warehouse Operations

06 June 2012

warehouseWarehouse workers are constantly on the go, picking merchandise for shipping, maintaining inventory, coding new products as they are shipped in. They are navigating a maze of products and operations that can become chaotic, disjointed and error-ridden. Whether employees are on a forklift, standing at a kiosk, or driving delivery trucks and vans, a solution to the challenges of warehouse operations lies in the technology of vehicle mount mobile computers.

Vehicle mount mobile computers must be able to withstand extreme temperatures as stock is moved from loading dock to freezers, and to withstand the shock of stop and go transport. Keypads must be accessible to drivers wearing heavy gloves, with full screen displays that are visible in different lighting environments. The most efficient models are designed to provide a wireless network for real time data input, access and collection. The result is increased productivity and reduced errors in shipping and receiving – overall, a streamlining of warehouse operations.

Intermec, Inc. recently announced its newest vehicle-mount mobile computers, the CV41 and CV61. They are the first vehicle mount mobile computers to offer Vocollect voice-directed capabilities. 

Both models feature an LED backlit display to improve visibility during indoor forklift operations as well as the bright light of outdoor inventory movement. Installation is simple compared to full-screen devices. Additionally, both offer an optional Vocollect voice capability running on a Microsoft operating system.

The CV61 features a larger touch screen and is a quick upgrade from its successful predecessor, the CV60. All mounting, cabling, keyboards, trays, scanners and printers are compatible.


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