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Intermec Releases New Mobile Computers

30 October 2012


"When we released the first intermec CK3 mobile computer, it brought best-in-class processing, battery life, scanning, and deployment all into an ergonomic design. Our newest mobile computers - the CK3X and CK3R - take these features even further.

These mobile computers include the Texas Instruments OMAP architecture, just like in our other premium-class products. This processor architecture delivers faster, more responsive application performance. The long lifespan ensuring your devices are future proof, and the lower power consumption dramatically increases battery life.

These new mobile computers have more than twice the battery life of competitive devices. And since you won't have to charge the batteries as frequently, you won't have to discard aging batteries as often. Think about what that could save you over five years. The money on battery replacements alone could make a huge impact on your total cost of ownership."


"The CK3X offers near-far scanning with the industry-proven EX25 imager, letting you scan from six inches to 50 feet. You can also choose omni-directional, high-motion tolerance scanning with the illuminated EA30 imager. The EA30 can also scan low-quality and low contrast bar codes. The CK3R offers the illuminated EA31 area imager, with capabilities similar to the EA30. The power of these imagers means your workers can efficiently capture the data they need, be it on distant, fast-moving, or even damaged code

We've simplified device configuration. Our powerful new CloneNGo tool provides the industry's easiest method to reliably provision units exactly the same. CloneNGo is a powerful, license-free, peer-to-peer way to easily clone devices. It's ideal for the customer with little or no IT resource. Using a single master device, you can clone settings and applications to multiple client devices with 802.11 ad hoc wireless. When complete, the cloned unit will reboots automatically.

It's a process that takes minutes rather than hours. It eliminates the need to individually configure devices or use a management console for device provisioning. This means you can get up and running quicker and begin realizing cost savings immediately. And with on-board diagnostics and device health monitoring, managing these devices has never been easier.

The latest generation CK3 mobile computers are fully compatible with the existing CK3 infrastructure. We aren't just talking about charging accessories or modular add-ons, such as the scan handle, RFID or the interchangeable Flexdock system. We're also talking about your current CK3 applications. And since these mobile computers are compatible with industry-standard software like HTML5, they're also ready for the future.

The CK3X and the CK3R are designed to meet your needs. The sleek, lightweight ergonomics have proven effective with users of all sizes. And the laser-etched keypad protects against wear and tear. When you combine them with a comprehensive Intermec solution, these mobile computers can help you find hidden margins. And Intermec Medallion Complete provides the protection you need for device repair or replacement.

The CK3X and CK3R are the latest mobile computers from a proven heritage. They open the door to improving your margins, helping you find ways to save money and improve productivity in all aspects of your in-premise operations. This is innovation at its best. This... is the new CK3."


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